Under the "Guo Chao", Jinjiang Shoes Co., Ltd. ushered in "Highlight Time"

Under the "Guo Chao", Jinjiang Shoes Co., Ltd. ushered in "Highlight Time"

  The reporter Wu Jianfeng’s 649 square kilometers of land, gave birth to Anta, Shi Jue, Hongxingrk, 361 degrees, etc., the shoe service was over 200 billion – Fujian Jinjiang has been known as "the city of China".

  Xinhua Daily Telecommunications Reporter Recently investigated that this year, the national goods from Jinjiang are collectively welcoming "high-gloss": in the first half of the year, Anta net profit increased year-on-year growth, and the Jue increased by 72% year-on-year, Hong Xingrk, Peak, etc. It became a new Jin "net red" … What is the password of the rise of "Jinjiang Department" behind the "Nong Dynasty"? When "national trend" is coming, how can the shoes and clothing industry have lending the wind, to achieve the counterceries of foreign brands? The answer is still inseparable from "Innovation". When the market is no longer just a "three-bar" "a hook" in Henan Extreme floods, Hongxingrk’s "loss of 200 million materials also donated 50 million supplies", and he was hit by netizens. At a moment, massive orders and praises flooded into live broadcasts, Hongxingrk exceeded 500 million monthly sales in major platforms. In the sports industry, domestic second-line brands have obtained reputation and marketing and win-win. For a long time, Nike and Adidas ruled the "foot market" of the Chinese people. Many national sports brands in the sketches can only be aimed at the sinking market in the three or four cities.

  However, this year, China has played a "turning over" – in the first half of the year, Nike, Adidas decline in Hua Ying, some second-line brands harvested a large number of orders from north. Zheng Yexin, the general manager of the 361-degree Brand Business Administration, believes that the domestic market in the domestic market is from "more confident Z generation".

"This generation of young people has slowly completed the transformation from rejection to appreciation." He said, "Especially after the ‘Xinjiang Cotton’ incident, some national brands of Xinjiang cotton lost overseas orders, but Get a wide range of domestic consumers.

"Correct is not just consumers, there is brand itself.

In the past, domestic products were often seen as "the farthest, copied from plagiarism". Today, more and more companies intentionally get rid of the label of "Nike Apprentices", focus on the "national tide" track, so that the market will see another possibility of Chinese brands.

  In May this year, Shi Jue moved a trend show to Henan Lushan.

The model of the incarnation martial arts, the joints of Tie Shaolin walk through the millennium ancient temple, colliding with the wonderful effect. "Shaolu Kungfu is part of the traditional Chinese culture, is an important national symbol that the world knows China.

I hope that the encounter of China’s Millennium Kung Focus and Sports Spirit will be able to deliver a positive and powerful attitude toward more young people. "The vice president of the specialhead" introduced, "Guo Chao" and the linkage of Z Genevo has achieved good response. This year, the new product brand XDNA launched the day, the live spent volume reached 40 million yuan.

  "2021 Guo Chao Pride Search Big Data" shows that "Guo Chao" has risen 528% in the past 10 years, in the past five years, China’s brand search heat accounts for the total weight ratio of the brand from 45% to 75%. Many interviewed companies said that "national trend" is becoming a new wind direction for the positive embrace of Jinjiang shoes and clothing enterprises. Today, all companies, the Forbidden City, Samsungdu, Dunhuang and other traditional cultural IP elements can be seen everywhere. On the way to break the "foreign brand" myth, "national trend" gives China’s new soul. "Shoes are not the traditional industry" "Nowadays, some of our shoes and clothing companies have been far super-creative, it is difficult to define it with ‘traditional enterprises’." Tarring change, Jiang Jiaxing, director of Jinjiang Science and Technology A hair.

  The domestic product economy is never just a feeling of enthusiasm and patriotic economy.

Behind the hot market is the "innovation road" that is a local. In July this year, in the space gym in Shenzhou 12, astronauts wore Anta "Hydro" series of running shoes.

The shoes developed by the aviation ultra-light material, in the case of improved performance, the material density has reached the micro level, only one-fifth of feathers, and is certified as a "lightest" slow running shoe in the world. Anta with more than 1,300 product patents is only the epitome of the industry.

Today, many entrepreneurs have been aware that "not innovation is not tomorrow." "Ten years ago, we have almost no R & D personnel, and now the R & D personnel account for 7%, and it is increasing year by year. Current company has 500 A number of patents have been added this year.

  When researchers redefined "shoe materials" in the laboratory, a group of mechanical arms were redefined "Shoe Factory". Into the production workshop in Jinjiang, the production workshop, a pair of casual shoes to complete the automatic spraying, 3D visual inspection equipment under the mechanical arm operation, and there is no launch. This is the first set of casual shoes smart production lines in China, which is independently developed by the company and the intelligent manufacturing and research institute of Quanzhou Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

  "Some people say that the soles of 10 dollars are not worthy of intelligent production. I don’t think so, the future machine is maintained.

"As a" shoemaker "in Jinjiang, a" shoemaker ", Huang Jinhuang, chairman of the company, has a" idealism "that is different from other people." Do more than 20 years, I want to have a smart chemical plant – worker In the comfortable and bright environment, daily production is natural, not orders, don’t have quality, and no workers. "From 2016, he does not understand the technology team. After several failures, this production line was developed. Despite nearly 70 million yuan in the previous period, after the application of new production lines, the company has increased from 2.8 million yuan from 2.8 million yuan. 3.8 million pairs, the workers needed by the single production line from 60 to 8, good quality, standard, and environmental protection levels, the company has laid orders in many foreign luxury brands. "In recent years, Jinjiang introduced more The research institutes, issued various subsidies and talent policies, and multi-channel solutions to the worries of enterprise innovation.

"Jiang Jiaxing said that now Jinjiang shoes and clothing companies are not satisfied with" marketing and logistics digitization ", but to" material research and development "and" intelligent manufacturing "seek space, innovate gradually enterprises.

"The domestic goods" still need to hold the group to stand in the air of "domestic goods and soar", the Jinjiang shoes and clothing industry has a good external environment and core advantage. However, the industry is not unwanted. Some entrepreneurs reflect. On the basis of advocating "domestic self-improvement", how to better hold the group development, promote the sinking of science and education resources, will become a key factor affecting the future development of the industry.

  First, a more powerful cluster advantage should be established. The reporter learned that the Jinjiang hood industry has formed a complete and mature industrial chain, but early from the grassroots industry, the enterprise is distributed in space, and some small-scale supporting enterprises are scattered in various towns, lack of visibility, leading to upstream and downstream It is difficult to in series.

  Hong Jingxinc, general manager of Jinjiang Municipal Hand Clothing Co., Ltd., believes that as the industry chain has improved the requirements of innovation, the future industry gathering, and the development of the group is a trend. Industrial scatter not only restricts the transformation of small and medium enterprises, but will also lead to external movements in quality enterprises.

  "The current industrial structure continues to adjust, leading companies have highlighted the industrial chain effect, hoping that the government can build platforms to encourage companies to move, visit, learn, promote cooperation between major factories and small plants, and will take the industrial chain to the Jinjiang.

"Hu Wenxin, chairman of Huayu Weaving Company, said.

  The reporter learned that in recent years, Jinjiang has vigorously promoted the renovation of the old industrial area, and building a specialized "micro-plant" in accordance with all aspects of the industrial chain, attracting the agglomeration of SMEs.

However, the current "Induction" project is facing the land transaction difficulties. For example, the transfiguration can only take the transfer of transactions or the reserves, which will generate large-scale transaction linkages or bidding risks, leading to the low enthusiasm of the owners.

The grassroots suggestion can promote the land and the promotion of the "Industrial Reform" plugging in the pilot policy.

  Second, further promote the sinking of science and education resources and help digital transformation.

Digital is the only way to transform in the hood industry, although Jinjiang introduced many research institute platforms, but for a county-level city, the risk of insufficient innovation is objective.

  The grassroots reflection, the material chemical research resources are concentrated in colleges and universities in a first-tier city, but there are currently some universities concerns. It is believed that teachers are easy to waste teaching work, college teachers "need to project, do not look forward to enterprises", resulting in Quality scientific research resources cannot be sank to industrial intensive district. "To make the teacher do research in the place where the teacher can see the sound." Jiang Jiaxing is suggested that while supporting college teachers obtain reasonable income through scientific and technological achievements, it can consider a review standard for transformation of scientific research capacity as school scientific research capabilities. Hook with scientific research funds, support quality education resources to industrial intensive districts.

  Zhang Wenxian, member of Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of Jinjiang Municipal Party Committee, said, on the basis of keeping up with new national goods, new national tide trends, next Jinjiang will accelerate intelligent transformation, digital transformation, and strengthen the cluster, using leading enterprises to pick up the girlfriend, will quality system, technical standards The management mode outputs to local enterprises, SMEs must practice internal strength, find coordinates, positioning, and advantages in the industrial chain, actively link leading enterprises, and achieve specializing in the field. Editor in charge: Li Hui.