The weather continues to be sunny, and the price of the fertilizer will continue to fall.

The weather continues to be sunny, and the price of the fertilizer will continue to fall.

Anhui Business Daily report (Reporter Liu Yuanyuan) Continued good weather makes the public to pick up the basket. The reporter visited the provincial capital market to find that due to the large number of real estate leaf dishes, the price of vegetables has dropped steadily, and some of the leaves of the leaves have fallen over 30% from the end of October.

It is more and more people who are getting a good weather, and the price of pork has increased in half a month.

The leaf vegetable price fell significantly on November 16th, a fresh legendary supermarket near the provincial city Jiuxian Road, the uki heart, the vegetarian, caucasian, caucasian yuan, spinach yuan, chicken caravan, seven treasures Youth … Ms. Su, who is buying vegetables told Anhui Business to report the media reporter: "Leaf dishes are really cheaper than before.

At the beginning of the month, the leaf dishes were in large parts of more than three or four yuan per catty.

"The reporter visited the last day of Hefei City" Huimin Black Basket Project "activity in Hefei City. Huimin dish shelf, Chinese cabbage per kilogram, the rice moss is more affordable.

Fresh Legendary Billy Store Long Fan Yuefeng told reporters that the recent leaf vegetarian prices fell significantly from the next month.

In Hefei Huilin Court Market, operate on the booth of the master, small cabbage, u., spinach in the plastic basket for the public to choose. "Real estate vegetables come up, recently, this week, the price has dropped again.

"Xu Master introduced, currently 3 yuan per catty, spinach is 6 ~ 7 yuan per catty, 5 yuan per catty, every pound is cheaper than the end of the month, about 2 yuan per pound. The price of the eggtened vegetables is stable and relative leaf dishes. The price of vegetable vegetables is relatively stable in the near future. "Tomatoes 5 yuan a pound, cucumber per catty ~ 6 yuan, basically non-moving. The green peppers have risen every pound. Master Xu Mu, Huilin Ceramic Market, most of the eggtened vegetables are in the field, the cost is high, and a fresh legend near Jixian Road, the eggplant per pound, the scorpion is yuan, pupu Yuan, compared to the prices of the leaf dish, the cucumber on the shelf shelf, the green pepper is relatively cheap.

Fan Yuefeng introduced that the price of a variety of vegetables in the tomato vegetable remained stable. There is also a further falling space in the "big vegetable basket" Zhou Valley market, recent vegetable wholesale price continues to fall, among which real estate dish prices have fallen larger, long-distance transfer dish price decline.

Wang Ping, information center information from Zhou Valley, introduced that since November 7

"The previous price has increased, the current price has been basically returned to normal level, and in April Qing currently wholesale price per kilogram, the spinach is more than a larger.

"Wang Ping introduced, compared to late October, some leaves were more than 30%. The total wholesale price of long-distance transfer dishes also has a total of about 10%. Wang Ping introduced that the production cycle of tomato vegetables is relatively long. Affected by the water temperature in October, some vegetables supply is tight, green pepper, cucumber, and tomato wholesale price recently stopped and stabilized. It is expected to be listed in the southern vegetables in early December, the price will fall back.

How is the price of vegetable prices compared to the same period last year? According to the market information, the price of leaf dishes is basically the same as the basics of the leaf, and the melodes, tomatoes, and scorpions have risen slightly, and the year-on-year increase is about 10%. Wang Ping said that the recent Hefei weather is still maintained, it is beneficial to real estate dish production. If there is no extreme weather such as rain and snow, the price should also have a safe fall. The salted meat prices slightly rose slightly, but the sun is very good, it is a good weather in the sausage, pickled bacon.

In Zhou Valley, the price of pork in the near future is rising.

At present, the white pork is worth 16% from the end of the month.

In Huilin Court Market, pork on the business of the households has also risen in half a month. "The front clip, the rear seat is currently about 17 to 18 yuan per pound, up 2 yuan per pound of each month." Wang Ping, information from Zhou Valley, market information center, currently fell 40% year-on-year. "Hefei pickles generally continued until the Spring Festival, the latter fiscal price may have fluctuation space.

"Anhui Business News Media Reporter Liu Yuanyuan / photo.