Western brushed rings long (ingenium)

Western brushed rings long (ingenium)

Original title: West Chongchi paper-cut rhyme long (insertion) warm sun in the early winter, in the small building in the Xiqiao Inquiry Cultural Heritage of Nanchong City, Sichuan Province.

Lin Min is busy in the studio.

When I was talking about the county, she laughed in front of the county. "I cut a" beautiful country "on the spot, many people look around, many people follow me!" Lin Min this year The ancestral paper-cut is a good craft, which is quite famous in the local area.

She said: "My paper-cut craft is studying with my father, my father’s craftsmanship is to learn from Zeng.

"Lin Min’s father Lin Shiming is a representative inheritor of the non-material cultural heritage of Sichuan handmade paper-cut (westching paper).

He is engaged in paper-cut for decades. Before 2017, he created thousands of paper-cutting works, including more than 400 works in Japan, the United States, Sweden and other countries and China Hong Kong, Macao Special Administrative Region, 100 The rest of the work is published in the national newspapers and periodicals, and many provincial awards have been obtained many times.

According to local administration of non-legacy cultural cadres, Westchant folk paper-cuts have been thriving in the past 100 years, and the paper-cut art in the northern and south is one, forming a moment, with a unique style of scissing. "Paper-cut is a comprehensive art, easy to get started, and it is difficult to learn.

First, there is an art foundation, practicing sketch, but also use a good tool and scissors.

"Lin Min is influenced by father paper-cut art.

During the secondary school, she often practiced sketch after the class, and started from the painting line according to the father’s requirements.

First learn a variety of cables, make your wrist force uniform, then learn the shape, accurately depict the object contour.

Going home every day, Lin Min helps his mother finish housework, sleeping your sister, just exercises on the small table. In the winter, I often practice until the night, freeze your hands and feet. Lin Min 23 years old entrance to the Xichong County Cultural Center, became an apprentice under his father, followed by his father specially studied paper-cutting skills.

Lin Min chatted with the author while painting a scrubbing.

The brush puts the pen, a "rich peony" map has a good pain, showing skillful painting skills.

Carne knife is an important tool for West Carriage. Lin Min said: "Our tricks are made by themselves.

"The mechanism should be old in the home, remove the clock, cut the end into 45 degrees of oblique port, use the grinding wheel into a knife, then find a delicate oil grinder Stone, dipping water, grinding hard, usually two hours, a knife is shining and sharp paper-cutting knife is done.

"A female baby home, making a knife is really not easy, don’t have a few brain shells, it can’t do it." Lin Min said himself.

Paper-cut engraving requires wax pad lining, Lin Min’s wax board production skills, and it is also sent to the ancestors.

Lin Min was launched the wax fabrication process: first found a wooden board with a thickness of half cm, and fix the square frame around the wood strip.

Pour the rapeseed oil into the pot, then joined the beeswax and the right amount of flour. How much experience is added to the flour, add more, wax plates are hard, slabs, plus less, wax board is too soft, no flexibility.

Lin Min has repeatedly explored, and learned this craft to the home, and the wax board made of wax, which is good to engrave.

On the production of good wax plates, lay a layer of kraft paper, then lay a few layers of paper-cut materials, you can sculpt it. Lin Min live demonstrates the engraving process.

Her hand gesture is like holding a brush, refers to the knife, and the index finger.

The blade should be vertical to ensure that the lines are thick and uniform. "When the knife is in the case, it is not only a silk, but also as quiet as the water.

"Lin Min said that in order to achieve the whole god, she often creates paper cut when she is quiet.

Lin Min’s scissors work is also hard.

She picks the scissors, the knife is sharp and sharp, "" Can she cut the knife scissors with the middle school students ". When cutting, you should be gentle, uniform, if you are slightly negligent, and paper-cut will become a waste.

The paper-cut time is long, and the shank refers to the thickness of the thick. Car engrave, scissors, Lin Min soon to use it, create a beautiful work. Her "harvest China" "Mountain Ghost" "beautiful China" and other works, there are both northern paper-cuts, and there are fine paper cuts.

Works have been invited to show in national and provincial non-legacy exhibition activities, and are widely praised by Chinese and foreign guests. During the Work of the Xiqi County Cultural Center, Lin Min took a parallel art training course, and more than 300 students were traced.

In 2018, Lin Min was rated as a representative inheritor of the non – material cultural heritage of the West Chongchong paper-cutting in Nanchong City.

Lin Min said: "Under the influence of your father, we all love paper-cut art.

"Today, Lin Min’s studio has a 26-year-old daughter, a 51-year-old sister. Her brother works in the business, and practicing a hand-cut style. Western brings and paper-cutting have become a local feature Cultural business card.

On the new Riverside Green Ecological Corridor of Xiqi, on the winding man, the "Xiqi Eight Scene" paper-cutting works of Lin Minjia is touched by the Yangxiao, and the "General Shenyu" of the "General Shenyu". "" Fengling Chaoyang "" Hongqiao Guiyue ", etc., contains rich historical and cultural information, and loves you deeply.

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