Yancheng Dazhu Tourism Resort "Traffic" often red

Yancheng Dazhu Tourism Resort "Traffic" often red

Modern Express News (Reporter Jiang Zhenjun correspondent Liu Qingbao) The small tourists took the guide of the guides, and the end of the explanation, it is not willing to release, this scene is as warm as the family, tourists and guides are particularly moved … this is recently The warmth of the Sakutron Dashang Lake Tourist Resort is occurred in the Scenic Spot in the Scenic Area.

Modern Express reporter learned that during National Day, in Dazi Lake Tourism Resort, all kinds of activities are exciting, and civilized tourism is a commonplace.

Especially nearly 1,000 staff members are sticking to their positions, they dedicate, perform their duties, and become a "most beautiful scenery" in the scenic spot.

300 drones, such as a piece of beautiful petals, spoiled, using colorful lights in the night sky in the night sky, "I love China" "Struggle 100-year road to set sail new journey" "Happy National Day" and other styles, and beautiful The big dragon launches will give the flow of the flow of light. During the National Day, 300 drone airborne Yancheng Dazhong Lake East Jinshui City Scenic Area, with a spectacular light show, the video of the night sky, many times in the circle of screens.

It is understood that the celebration of the National Day drone light show in the theme of "Bright Lake" through Water Town "continued from September 30 to October 5.

"The whole light show lasts for about 15 minutes, will celebrate the National Day atmosphere and the feelings of the Eastern Jinshui Shuo slow life." The relevant person in charge of Dongjin Shuicheng said that in the form of the drone light show, it shows the characteristic elements of the lower river in the form of the river, realize The beauty of technology and humanities has brought a wonderful visual feast to the majority of tourists.

During the National Day, the Yancheng under the night, the Lake East Jinshui City, the lights are clear, and tourists are like. At 7 o’clock on the evening of October 6, the reporter saw at the scene that the lake on the west side of the Song Dynasty in the scenic spot, the water is light, in a sound and light, the actors are beautifully restored "Nine-nine Yanyang" The red love story, the tourists are embarrassed, and every time, the waterfall in the water will always be very high, everyone clapping. "This oil terminal is too delicious, or the taste of our childhood.

"In Jian’an Street, Daxi Lake Lake Fresh Food Festival is being held, visitors can also see all kinds of wonderful performances, and enjoy hundreds of food brought by night economy.

It is understood that this year, the National Day Lake Tourism Resort has focused on the three major activities such as Lake Fresh Culture and Food Festival, Songchao, and Wetland Ecological Culture Festival, and more than ten characteristic cultural activities of the scenic spot. Fully occupied the tourism market of Eleven Golden Week, covered with multiple activity compounds, fully attracting the tourism flow of the golden week. "Thousands of acres of Huntang Huahai brought the village income", because a lake is water, I seem to have become part of the big vertical lake and its boundless flower sea, becoming a cloud of floating on the water; but all the longitudinal lakes and People in Huntang Huahai, everyone will leave joyful feelings and emotional poems in their hearts … "October 6th, member of the Chinese Writers Association, Yancheng poet, the prose is published on his public number The prose "Autumn and Louis Tang", the beautiful text is the reveament of true feelings. Modern Express reporter noted that the poet’s Pen Tanghua Sea is located in the northeast of the Eastern Jinshi Scenic Area, covering an area of ??about 1180 mu, is an important tourist node extending to the east of travel along the tourist resort of Dazhonghu, this year. Level Theme Creative Agricultural Garden "title.

In the National Day holiday, with large chrysanthemums and special rice fields, there are many tourists, and everyone is like this ecological beauty.

"Our goal is to create a garden complex of agricultural tourism and tourism + parent-child + home, become a loose travel of rural boss, close to nature," said Yao Baoyuan, head of the scenic spot. On the morning of October 7, the reporter stood on the observation deck of the Huntanghua sea scenic spot, and the eight large characters of the "unforgettable mission" in Guangfu rice fields were very conspicuous. Not far from the south, the hairy crab shape and the rice fields of the large vertical lake logo are vivid. Baishi, sulfur, etc. Chrysanthemums are inlaid on both sides of the road and river, and the beautiful smile is blooming in the autumn wind.

"We are older, the responsibility field is transferred, we will take the rents, but in turn can work in the field, you can have 100 yuan in income every day.

"The 68-year-old Changjun is a fish Village. She is carrying agricultural sets, watering the rapeseed seedlings, demonstrate. In the water, the 65-year-old boat Song Xiaoguo is strictly strictly rushing the cruise ship," I have been growing here since childhood. " I will shake the boating, when I am busy, I will help, than I am in the urban area.

"In Yao Baoyuan, Huntang Huahai is not only a scenic spot, but also helps farmers, and 550 acres of rice fields are part of the scenic spot, but has flowed out, the villagers not only take rent, but also work here, . Civilized tourism is added to the resort. "I have gone so many places, and the sightseeing bus driver is awesome.

On the first day of the National Day holiday, Mr. Zhang, Nanjing Tourists, took the father who sat in the wheelchair to play tourism, because they can’t walk, the sightseeing bus driver Jiang Chao took the initiative to help the old man, and The wheelchair is folding, put it, Mr. Zhang praises, while moving toward Jiang Chao.

During the National Day, the sightseeing car driver "Dry civilization, be a civilized person", which can be seen everywhere in the scenic spot. Visitors praise, the beautiful lake is beautiful, people are more beautiful, and the driver of sightseeing cars is particularly polite, the service attitude is also good, it is a civilized and harmonious tourist attraction.

According to statistics, there are dozens of sightsees in the resort, about 50 drivers. "Scenic Area has strict requirements for our instrumentation, driving speed, service attitude, attractions and special circumstances, and special circumstances. Listening to the Eight Party ", the tourists need help, and the gods will be led through the eyes and movements. Everyone will take the hand in time. In order to line up the garden, the garbage classification is not chaotic, and the public welfare advertisements can be seen everywhere. Volunteers serve all points, the scenic area is clean and tidy … During the National Day, the reporter saw that the tourist saw that the tourists actively cooperate with the scenic spot. Do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, take the initiative to wear a cover into the park, take the initiative to present health code and stroke code, respond to civilized tourism calls, business civilization terms, and everyone uses action to travel to the holiday.

At 8 o’clock on the evening of October 6, the modern Express reporter followed the tourist team to the Eastern Jin Shucheng Light show, everyone is not crowded, not piled up, many tourists take the initiative to give the old man and the child. Location. After the performance, the unachable tourists brought the paper with the pad into the trash can and did not see a waste paper. "The idea of ??civilized travel seems to have a good example in the heart of every tourist, and a good example of the Dazhonghu resort." Ms. Wang, Jinhua, Zhejiang said that this scene civilized scene, his mood is also Follow the pleasure.

Nearly thousands of staff sticks to "the most beautiful scenery" "Although the holidays have not accompany their parents at home, they can make every visitors have fun at the job position. We are also very satisfied.

"On the evening of October 7, the last day of National Day holiday, Yancheng Dazhu Tourism Resort East China Shuisheng Scenic Area, 43-year-old Shipyamy Wang Cuihong and 45-year-old Jiang Linxia lanted a good wooden boat, a slightly exhausted face full of joy Because there are many national holidays, 7 ships can’t rotate, they have to work from 8 o’clock in the morning. "When you are busy, the box is not eating. "The director Xu Kunjiang said that there is still 24 different bridges in the Eastern Jin Shuimusi, and the names of each bridge come from a story. As a hull, they must not only master the skills of the boating, but also a simple explanation. Like the boatyman, the tour guide in the holiday is also quite hard. Fan Ping, born in 1999 from Jianhu, in April last year, she became a tour guide in Dongjin Shuicheng in April last year. "National Day is very busy, every day 4 or so groups, I can fall asleep at night to the dormitory.

"Let Fan Ping’s impression is on October 3, there are 3 hiking in the group, and her step number is more than 20,000 steps.

"There is a child, about six or seven years old, I am very kind, then I will take my hand, let me feel the same as the family, explain that the child is not willing to release.

"This experience is also the first time to Fan Ping, let her feel very warm," I have been busy in the holiday, after this, let me feel particularly good, like the black cloud Every day, I feel recognized, but also make me more like my own work, love to the big vertical lake. "Safeguarding the police of the scenic spot, Wang Yulong, Xin Di’s cleaning work, Wang Ying, the reluctance of the cold dish teacher Jiang Meixiu, the warm service, the female driver Wang Fang, the property company can’t stop the property company Peng Zhengyuan, through the" red vest "in tourists … During the National Day, in Yancheng Dazhu Tourism Resort, nearly a thousand scenic spots, giving up the beautiful times of relatives and relatives, sticking to the job, fulfilling their responsibilities and mission with hard and sweat. (Relevant recommendations.