Some of the strategic support forces: forge iron heart to the party "new iron box"

Some of the strategic support forces: forge iron heart to the party "new iron box"

Forged iron heart to the party’s "new iron fist" – the center of the strategic support forces through the first autumn, the strategic support forces, the keyboard sound in a central command hall, the officers and soldiers launched various operations through the system A big task is solid.

"On-site listening to the important speech, listening to the party command, the sense of mission of strong army is always exciting to celebrate the glory of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and Li Feng, a session of the city, is excited.

Recently, he led the team to struggle with technical difficulties, and innovated an optimized design, and made a solid foundation for the troops successfully completed the task.

It is understood that the center has come to deepen national defense and military reforms. As a new combat force, they always gathered to fight, win, and explore the road to rely on science and technology innovation to improve the combat power, and emerged a group of innovative talents represented by Li Feng, and made a number of independent innovation results. "Keep the ‘red position’, firmly moved to listen to the party command, constantly hammering the winners, can draw in the future, fight!" The center leader told reporters that they learned to practice the Chairman of President "Important speech, constantly building officers and men belief, believe, further condense to listen to party command, struggle to struggle. In order to enhance the learning effect, guide the officers and soldiers to feel the initial mission, the center organizes party members and cadres to revisit the party oath, wear party members and badges, and promote the formation of troops to form a speech, understand the thoughts, and the strong atmosphere of the strong army. The center of the center is located in the depths of the mountains, and the living conditions are hard and the task is heavy. All officers and soldiers always keep in mind the mission, root a deep mountain, and have a lot of major tasks to complete a lot of money.

The military flag is walking with the party flag, and the iron heart listened to the party. In the past few days, the mission undertaken by the center, the exercise is steadily launched, and the troops will be more and more strong, and the officers and men are in the process of building a strategic support "New Quality IT".