Variable regional features are the new model of cultural inheritance of the South University

Variable regional features are the new model of cultural inheritance of the South University

People’s Network Changsha On November 15th, the Central South University adopted the socialist cultural inheritance of traditional cultures in colleges to guide young protection inheritance of China’s excellent traditional culture as a property Initiative, relying on the school to the ethnic minority cultural resources in Jianghua County, Jianghua County, Hunan Province, the establishment of the Yao Changzhi, approved the first batch of Chinese excellent traditional cultural inheritance bases in the Ministry of Education.

At the same time, through in-depth digging of regional cultural characteristics, excellent traditional cultural inheritance and national development, regional development, talent training, to achieve talent training, scientific research, service society, cultural inheritance four-function, to construct practical university culture Inherit the new mode. It is understood that Central South University fully excavates the regional national culture, expands the source of teachers, integrates professional teachers such as music dance, village culture, and art design, opening long encouragement public elective courses, publishing popular textbooks, inviting long-distance national representative inheritors And folk artists serve as part-time teachers into class; introduce relevant content in teaching in teaching, visual conveying, and provide a fresh regional cultural material for professional education. The three full-school public elective courses such as "Yao Chang encouraged" were opened. It adopted the "learning and creation" assessment model, and the student was limited to the small group dance work as an evaluation basis; the publication of long inspiration teaching materials "Hunan Yao long encouragement", won Hunan Provincial National Education Achievements Second Prize, 3 provincial education reform projects.

According to the historical heritage of the Yao people, artistic performance and dissemination laws, the establishment of the Yao Changu Research Association, Yao Changzheng Dance Dance Troupe, Yao Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Association, and constructs long inspirational cultural practice full chain. Exploring the "Experience" extension of the second classroom, regularly carry out the Yao people’s encouragement cultural exploration, creative drums, dance-proof, Yao singing and other social practice, exhibition exchange activities.

Through the establishment of the "Cultural Inheritance Man-Subject Leader-Zhicu", more than 30 times went to Jianghua County Yao to carry out the Yao culture research and cultural harvest, and the footprints were covered with all townships and towns of counties; leading students for many years. " Yao Chang encourages the "College Student Practice Research Plan," support "Yao people’s encouragement history source and customs and cultural investigation", etc. "We launched more than 30 long drum creative workshops, covering more than 1,000 college students, students, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students, Tibet.

In the Mexi Lake International Culture and Art, the long drum cultural and creative design tour is held, and more than 10,000 visitors have been widely recognized.

The relevant person in charge of the Central South University said.

At the same time, create a long inspirational cultural original micro-product, creating a short comics work "Panhu", "Yao Drum Sound", etc.

Promote Yao Changzheng Cultural Network Display, live a total of nearly 100,000 views. In recent years, Central South University has also based in "precise poverty alleviation" national strategy, with local sharing research results, will develop long-enjuvenated product products as accurate efforts, promote results into local specialty industries, design and develop 3 ecological folk tourism routes, Organize more than 100 people to participate in product production training, more than 10 sets of products are put into mass production, and the market is in short supply. Promote colleges and local government work collaboration, incorporating relevant research cooperation into school "fixed point poverty alleviation river Hua Yao Autonomous County Responsibility Book" to achieve co-study sharing.

Play the radiation of base radiation, implement a long inspirational culture into the community, into the primary and secondary school, enter the grassroots "three-way" project, and realize the popularity of regional cultural centers. (卡 李 育) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Luo Shuai) Sharing Let more people see client downloads.