[Go all out to fight the forest grassland prevention and fire fighting.

[Go all out to fight the forest grassland prevention and fire fighting.

  The newspaper has now entered the forest fire prevention period.

The Shangzhi Party District of Changzhi City adopts the form of "civil defense+technical defense" to increase the promotion and application of modern scientific and technological methods. The infrared high -definition thermal imaging system -forest fire "thousands of miles" was installed in key towns and villages, so that the fire mood has nowhere to wear.

  Bayi Town is located in the southwestern mountainous area of ??Shangdang Party District. The forest area is large and unevenly distributed. For this reason, two high -definition high -definition thermal imagingers in Bayi Town are installed in Bayi Town. The village was monitored 24 hours a day, 360 -degree no dead ends of the town’s forest land, 10,000 acres of cultivated land, and a karpy isolation zone in the town.

"Once a fire occurs, it can transmit the picture to the district comprehensive governance center in time and inform us to facilitate us to deal with the fire in the first time.

Guo Kai, deputy mayor of Boyi Town.

  The Shanghai Party District Comprehensive Management Center is the "general headquarters" responsible for all high -definition cameras monitoring in the region.

The reporter saw in the lobby of the district comprehensive governance center that monitoring the large screen is monitoring the main areas of the region in real time. There are mountains, forest land, factories, villages, etc. This system makes full use of scientific and technological means, with all -weather, dead corners, automatic monitoring, automatic identification Fire mood, automatic and accurate setting fire points and other functions can accurately monitor the use of fire and forest fire in the wild, and capture all fire in the "eye".

It is reported that there are 12 cameras such as Bayi Town, and there are 12 towns in the Shangdang District, which are distributed in more than 10 kilometers of high -definition surveillance cameras in the townships such as Bayi Town, Xiluo Town, Yincheng Town. Essence

  "If you encounter a fire, once you exceed the warning temperature, you will immediately call the police and lock the specific location. The system will automatically capture the picture and generate the specific position of the coordinate. The staff will report it to the township duty as soon as possible.

After the township personnel are disposed of the fire, they will call the results to report to the district comprehensive governance center.

Yang Jinping, director of the Office of the Comprehensive Management Center of the Shang Party District.

(Li Zhijiang Li Ling Li Xiaoyan) (Responsible editor: Li Lin, Liu Yang).

Rongxiang Wanli Nianjiaguo (Wanghai Tower)

Rongxiang Wanli Nianjiaguo (Wanghai Tower)

  May 5th is Duanyang. The door inserted Ai, Xiangmangtang.

Eat rice dumplings and sprinkle sugar.

The dragon boat is so happy. The Dragon Boat Festival is a common holiday in the world in the world. No matter where you are, how far you go, the turquoise leaves and the dragon boats of leaps are the common memories of Chinese people at home and abroad; spending the Dragon Boat Festival with relatives and friends are the unchanged hopes of all Chinese children.

  Food often connects a nostalgia, representing a complex.

Therefore, Chinese people often use food with national characteristics to commemorate traditional festivals.

When it comes to the Dragon Boat Festival, I naturally think of rice dumplings.

The fragrant rice dumplings eat the taste of life and taste the same national memory.

  Behind the food, there are stories. "Who says the Dragon Boat Festival, the rumors of all eternal rumors are Qu Yuan.

"We know that the Spring Festival dumplings, eat dumplings in the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid -Autumn Festival moon cake.

We also know that the Dragon Boat Festival is a little different from other festivals, that is, eating this small triangle rice cake. According to legend, it is to commemorate a person and a person called Qu Yuan.

  Qu Yuan was an ancient genius poet and a great patriot.

The eternal articles he left have affected generations of Chinese children for thousands of years.

Each of us, perhaps at a certain moment of life, has silently chanting those shocking verses and drawing a strong spiritual force that belongs to our nation. "Sincerity is both brave and martial arts, and finally strong." Inject us into the iron bones, just struggling; Both the hearts of the world; "The road is long and far away, and I will seek up and down." It always inspires us to pursue the truth and unwilling;

"I often remind us that we do n’t neglect, do n’t forget our original intentions; … patriotic and worrying about the people, adhere to the truth, Qu Yuan adheres to life, and praise to future generations.

To this day, these qualities have become the common cultural characteristics and value pursuit of Chinese children. Nowadays, more and more young people at home and abroad are willing to take the initiative to contact excellent traditional culture in the Dragon Boat Festival, understand the development of Chinese civilization, confirm themselves in the traceability, and improve themselves in the new backbone.

In all kinds of folklore commemorative activities, the spiritual ethics and moral power of the Chinese nation are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the cultural self -confidence of Chinese children is constantly accumulating.

Perhaps this is the meaning of our traditional festival. This is the ancestor of China to us, so that we have used the spiritual wealth of life.

  The source of Chinese civilization is long and profound, and it is the unique spiritual logo of the Chinese nation. It is the foundation of contemporary Chinese culture. It is a spiritual bond to maintain Chinese people around the world. It is also a treasure of Chinese cultural innovation.国 家.

In the little zongzi, deep cultural identity is condensed.

Isn’t the family’s sense of rituals who wrapped dumplings and eating rice dumplings together, isn’t it the vivid embodiment of the Chinese family’s heavy family and affection? Anyone who has Chinese people floats with Ye Xiang. This fragrant fragrance crosses the mountains and the sea, and the same spirit; this fragrant fragrance has traveled through history, and it is endless for thousands of years. (The author is the commentator of this newspaper) (Editor: Yang Guangyu, Hu Yongqiu) Share more people see it.

"China Network · Touched 2020" three-quarter network moving person selection results announced

"China Network · Touched 2020" three-quarter network moving person selection results announced

  Xinhua News Agency, Yinchuan, September 18 (Reporter Yangmata) "China Network · Touched 2020" three-quarter network movable human selection results announced on the 18th.

Or in the face of Hongmei and other danger, or dozens of years, such as a day, a good fortune, or selfless dedication is only for a person’s livelihood … It is also ordinary ordinary person, due to love, I am the most warm and warm people in this golden autumn. "Rights Warrior" Booty – from 2005, she provides free legal aid for women, children, and the elderly. Help the family to get rid of the bitter sea, and women who are fired during pregnancy will return to their posts. Children are justifying justice … more than 3,000 people are therefore maintained their own rights.

  "The retrograde of Hong Ma" Zhang Jun – he has been engaged in full-time public welfare in 2005, from the field of environmental protection to disaster rescue fields, and fifteen years, we have always adhered to the good deeds. After participating in the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control at the beginning of 2020, he was also involved in the flood control and flood control, he has been adhering to the hometown Anhui.

  "28 years of green" Yan Jingwu – After retired, after retirement, he retired in 1992, he still patrol every day.

Today, he is still near the ten kilometers away. In 28 years, the green wind and rain are all resistant, the total mileage is close to 80,000 kilometers. The tough man Sun Gang, who opened "Fire Dragon", and when Mars ignited the craft of the car, he lost his personal safety, rushed into the cab, and smashed the flute along the rush. About 5 km, until no one next to it, taking the car escape.

  "Doll Secretary" 升 升 出 出 出 他 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 书He combines local advantages, builds specialty agriculture, when "Red Niang" solves the villagers "idle", grab the people’s lives, the old and weak women, and the epidemic will adhere to the hospital for more than 50 days, ensuring that there is no one infected in the village. "Relay guardian" Wang Wei – "After 90", she is a community worker in Wuchang District, Wuhan. After the new crown pneumonia epidemic, she always sticks to the front line, the charge is before; It has not been resting, and the first batch of the first batch of the first batch of the first batch of trees. She is the little girl who is rescued by the People’s Liberation Army in 1998. I have become you after growing. "

  "Only after the college entrance examination examination room, the flood control ‘battlefield’" Zhou Liangyu – After the end of the college entrance examination, he pushed the original graduation trip and went to the dam value to report.

When the same age is enjoying the college entrance examination, he looked out on the muddy grass on the muddy embankment, and looked carefully; Stone; in the night shift of the rain, you can’t get into the rain in the raincoat. At least 10 times in the night … The first secretary "husband and wife" Chen Caixia, Yang Fanghua, when pregnant with two children, she arrived The first secretary of poor village. After the child was just 1 year, she changed the battlefield to be the first secretary, and her husband served as the village of the first secretary, just as the village of the village.

The first secretary "husband and wife", hostel, their children have gradually used to lack of parents to accompany; for everyone, they have passed the national census.

  "Light Guardian" Zhao Xiaofeng – Taken Root Transport Inspection First Line 20, and he walked over 20,000 kilometers of patrol road, patrolling the tower, more than 5,000 yuan, the tower maintenance, the cold is not afraid, heat, heat, More than 50 pairs of shoes, all thousand counters, the 20 sets of workers, no witnessed, did not witness, he used the fire youth to guard the "Wanjia Light". "Flame Blue" on the poverty to the road – the establishment of fire volunteer service teams in 602 poor villages, construction and reforming irrigation and fire-fighting water "two-purpose machine well", research and development "usually watered, fire extinguishing fire" multi-functional simple fire The car; enhances the warning protection of high-risk populations … Xing’an League fire rescue detachment, watching the people of all ethnic groups, actively playing the disaster prevention and mitigation and disaster relief function, helping to take off the poverty. "China Network, Network Tenshal Character Selection" was initiated by Xinhua News Agency, Xinhuanet, Xinhua News Agency "China Network" column, has been successfully held since 2010, is the first domestic ordinary people as reported and The selection object, the Xinhua News Agency reporter visited the grassroots excavation touching story, and the different institutions recommended candidates, launching netizens to conduct online-line online selection and conduct public welfare brands of the annual awards ceremony.

Foshan, Guangdong carried out the New Year blessing network bright screen activities to create a "warm spring" atmosphere

Foshan, Guangdong carried out the New Year blessing network bright screen activities to create a "warm spring" atmosphere

In order to create a festive atmosphere of Xi’an Kang, the Foshan Network Information Office guided Foshan Television to host the "most moving people’s hearts on earth" during the New Year’s Day and the Spring Festival. Laipan mainstream online media platforms, new government affairs media, online cultural communication officers, online large V and online enterprise netizens to participate in reposting or submission. Singing the main theme of the party and patriotism. Organize more than 500 electronic screens in the landmark buildings, public squares, subways, supermarkets and other places, and scroll the new year blessing videos and posters during the festival to get heated discussion and welcome to the public.

At present, the city has accumulated more than 600 hours of broadcasting materials and watched more than 8 million people. The use of media channels such as Taiwan, Net, Micro, and Duan, and providing three -dimensional publicity and report on bright screen activities. Combined with the New Year’s Concert, Pickled City Landmarks and other content planning for New Year’s Eve live broadcast, attracting more than one million people to watch. Launched the heart -warming video such as "Netizens Wishes Lighting Foshan 2022", played on multiple network platforms, setting off the interaction discussion of netizens, advocating the upsurge of online civilization, effectively enriching the cultural life of the festival, and condensing the spirit of unity and enterprising.

(Supply of the Guangdong Internet Information Office).

Taishan, Guangdong actively cultivates the "Internet celebrity" economy of overseas Chinese hometown

Taishan, Guangdong actively cultivates the "Internet celebrity" economy of overseas Chinese hometown

The Cyber ??Information Office of the Taishan Municipal Party Committee of Guangdong Province actively promotes the construction of digital infrastructure, establishes a demonstration site for the rural e -commerce industry, and strives to cultivate a group of "Internet celebrities" with local and overseas Chinese and township characteristics to create a "Internet celebrity economic point".

Vigorously promote the construction of urban and rural information infrastructure, continue to optimize and improve the optical fiber broadband network in rural areas, expand 4G networks, continuously improve the quality of mobile communication, and achieve the city’s more than 20 natural village light network coverage in the city.

A total of over 600 5G base stations have been built to achieve continuous coverage of 5G signal continuous films in urban areas, and building a network foundation for the construction of new smart cities and digital applications.

With Dazhuang Bay Qingchuang Zhigu as the core, with 36 rural e -commerce service stations as a demonstration site, to create a "1+N" industrial model, industrial park collection entrepreneurial incubation, personnel training, expert counseling, production and sales docking, warehousing distribution, etc. Function, the types of products of e -commerce service sites cover various fresh seafood and dry goods such as Taishan rice and Taishan oysters.

The Taishan E -commerce Association was established to strengthen the brand building and publicity effects of various e -commerce platforms. Taishan Rong Media Center established an e -commerce training company to rely on media resources to create a "Internet celebrity reporter" and "Internet celebrity host" to cultivate and strengthen the local "net red anchor" team. Vigorously carry out the training of e -commerce industry and strengthen the construction of e -commerce talent support systems. Combining the "One Town Street and One Industry", the representatives of the e -commerce industry association, employees and civil "Internet celebrities" carry out capabilities to enhance training courses, and the city has trained more than 1,000 people to cultivate a number of Internet celebrity IPs that promote Taishan’s local specialty agricultural products. Build large logistics bases such as Changdachang Logistics Park and ProLore Logistics Park. Five e -commerce rural service nodes were built, and 17 towns (streets) all covered rural express logistics distribution outlets, forming a service system based on urban logistics centers as the leader and township logistics service stations.

Implement policy support, allocate special funds, and support e -commerce small and micro enterprises to become bigger and stronger.

Normalization of online live broadcasts of agricultural products, more than 200 live broadcasts of daily live broadcasts, and cumulative sales of more than 100 agricultural products.

(Guangdong Internet Information Office Supply.

ENVIADO CHINO Refuta Acusaciones Infundadas de Ee. UU. Y Reino Unido Contra China Spanish.xinhuanet.com

ENVIADO CHINO Refuta Acusaciones Infundadas de Ee. UU. Y Reino Unido Contra China Spanish.xinhuanet.com

NACIONESUNIDAS,2jun(Xinhua)–ElrepresentantepermanenteadjuntodeChinaantelasNacionesUnidas,DaiBing,criticóestejuevesaEstadosUnidosyReinoUnidoporlasacusacionesinfundadasquehicieroncontraChinaenelConsejodeSeguridaddelaONU."DeseosealarquelosrepresentantesdeEstadosUnidosyReinoUnidoformularonensusdeclaracionesacusacionesinfundadascontraChina,quelasrechazacategóricamente",dijoDaienundebateabiertodelConsejodeSeguridadsobreelfortalecimientodelarendicióndecuentasylajusticiaporviolacionesgravesdelderechointernacional."Comodiceeldicho,paraocultarunamentira,",dijoDai."LasacusacionesdegenocidiootrabajosforzadosenXinjiangsonlasmentirasdelsiglo,simpleyllanamente",anotó.EstadosUnidosyReinoUnidotemenquesus"elaboradasmentiras"sobreXinjiang"seandescubiertas"porlacomunidadinternacional,porloquevienenconmásmentirasparadesacreditaraChina ,conlaesperanzade"seguirengaandoalacomunidadinternacional",dijoDai."Sinembargo,ningunacantidaddementirasdifundidasporEstadosUnidosyReinoUnidopuedenegarlarealidaddequeXinjiang gozadeestabilidadyprosperidad,ysugenteviveytrabajaenpazyfelicidad",subrayóeldiplomáticochino."Loqueestánhaciendosoloexponeaúnmáslanaturalezadesutáctica,esdecir,politizareinstrumentalizarlosderechoshumanos,yexponesuagendapolíticadeconteneraChinadándolebomboaltemadeXinjiang",óquecualquieraquehayavisitadoXinjiangnocomprarálasmentirasquevendenlosdospaíses."CuandosetratadepaísescomoEstadosUnidosyReinoUnido,ylosindividuosinvolucrados,quedifundenrumores,dicenmentiras,confundenyengaan,yprocurandesprestigiarydesacreditaraotrospaíses,nodeberíalaresponsabilidadaplicarseaellostambién",preguntó.。

Grasp the establishment of a new development pattern with systemic concepts (thought vertical and horizontal)

Grasp the establishment of a new development pattern with systemic concepts (thought vertical and horizontal)

  General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Establishing a new development pattern is a systematic project, which must be‘ fucking itself ’, strengthening strategic planning and top -level design.

"Building a new development pattern with the mutual promotion of domestic large cycles and the mutual promotion of domestic and international dual cycles is an inevitable choice to meet the requirements of the new stage of my country’s development and create new international cooperation and competition.

We must strengthen the system concept, and continue to strengthen the coordination between various fields, departments, and elements, find breakthroughs in key areas, key links, and core issues, solve deep problems, structural obstacles, and in the construction of a new development pattern Get more substantial progress.

  In the face of complex systems, we must first have a global perspective. There are all aspects of all aspects of the system. At the same time, it is necessary to prioritize the main aspects of the main contradictions and contradictions, and grasp the key and find the key points. As a complex system, economic activities require a combination of various production factors to organically connect with all aspects of production, distribution, circulation, and consumption to achieve circulating flow. The key point of building a new development pattern to expand domestic demand is to achieve the smooth flow of domestic economic circulation. It is necessary to combine the implementation of the strategy of expanding the strategy of expanding the domestic demand and deepening supply -side structural reforms, and strive to open up the blocking points of the production, distribution, circulation, consumption and other links to achieve the economic circulation and industrial connection of the supply -side structural reform. Essence

The domestic cycle is a large cycle based on the domestic unified market. Recently, the "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Accelerating the Construction of the National Unified Market" was released, and proposed to accelerate the construction of high -efficiency and standardized, fair competition, and fully open national unified markets, and strive to form a large -scale domestic cycle of mutual supply and demand promotion, production and sales, and smooth and efficient. Provide strong support for the construction of a new development pattern.

  Scientific analysis of contradictions, making correct judgment options, require comprehensiveness rather than one -sided, universal connection rather than observing things in isolation, and overcoming one -sided and extreme tendencies. We must be soberly realized that the internal and external markets are interdependent and mutually promoted. With large domestic cycles as the main body, it is by no means closing the door to closed operation.

my country’s economy has been integrated with the global economy, and has an irreplaceable position in the global industrial chain supply chain. my country has become the main engine of global economic growth and the backbone of the healthy development of economic globalization.

To grasp the establishment of a new development pattern with systemic concepts, we must coordinate the two domestic and international situations and promote the mutual promotion of domestic and international dual cycles.

In recent years, although economic globalization has encountered countercurrents and unilateralism and protectionism have continued to rise, the historical trend of economic globalization has not changed.

my country has unswervingly pursuing mutual benefit and win -win opening strategies, and strives to open up new advantages to participate in international cooperation and competition at high levels.

Facing the profound changes in development opportunities and challenges, it is necessary to based on a large domestic cycle, build a strong domestic economic circulation system and a solid basic disk, in order to form a strong attraction to global factors resources, strong competition in fierce international competition, Force, the strong driving force in global resource allocation; we must also promote the better Unicom of the domestic and international markets, improve the efficiency and level of domestic circulation with international circulation, and use the international resources, international markets, and international division of labor to the national innovation system of our country. The role of industrial transformation and upgrading will enhance my country’s influence in the innovation chain of the global industrial chain supply chain. To grasp the establishment of a new development pattern with systemic concepts, it is necessary to coordinate the two major events of development and security. Safety development is an important prerequisite and guarantee for building a new development pattern.

Implement the overall national security concept, continuously improve the institutional mechanism that promotes high -quality development and build a modern economic system, and keep the bottom line that does not occur without systemic risks can the basic market of the domestic economic circulation system always stable in order to firmly grasp the reform and development of reform and development firmly Strategic initiative. It is necessary to firmly establish the concept of security development, accelerate the improvement of the safety development system, make up for the shortcomings, maintain the security of the industrial chain and supply chain, actively do a good job of preventing and resolving major risks, promote the stability and orderly economic and social, and provide a new development pattern. Salvation.

  (Author Unit: Marxism College of Jilin University).

Shanghai: Baby killer whale is about to appear

Shanghai: Baby killer whale is about to appear

Recommended reading on June 3, 2022, Jiangsu Baimahu Farm Co., Ltd. harvested wheat scenes, like a "Sanxia" mechanized battle map. 2022-06-0317: 47 On June 2, 2022, Taiyuan Township, Nanfeng County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province carried out the Dragon Boat Folk Customs activities such as fragrant bags, tapping, buns, and five-color rope to welcome the arrival of traditional festivals.

2022-06-0221: 13, May 28, 2022, Hule Old Street, Millennium Ancient Town of Ningguo City, Anhui Province, villagers and tourists sat around the long table to share the special food of the Dragon Boat Festival.

As the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, Hule Old Street "Inherit the non -heritage culture to create an artistic countryside -our Dragon Boat Festival series intangible cultural heritage exhibition has begun, attracting tourists to participate in the experience of the strong folk customs of the ancient town.

2022-06-0111: 29 2022, May 31, 2022, Jiangsu Huai’an Experimental Primary School Organizing the upcoming sixth-year students took different teams of graduation photos to set a happy campus life.

2022-06-0110: 35 On May 29, 2022, trains on the Jiaoliu Railway Line wearing the golden wheat fields harvested by Wangzhuang Village, Vietnam. 2022-05-3110: 54 On May 30, 2022, the sixth National Science and Technology Worker Day, at the Yantai Coast Belt Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Yantai, Shandong, scientific researchers devoted himself to studying and calming down. Grand 2022-05-3016: 53 The Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, Hubei, is even more magnificent under the reflection of the sunset. 2022-05-3016: 50 at the critical period of the winter wheat raising flowers, Wen’an County carried out a full coverage of wheat control rule, and the coverage of the control of the control of the control reached 100%.

This year, the area of ??wheat breeding in the county reached 10,000 acres.

2022-05-2310: In the early summer of the early summer, the Lingzhi Lake Scenic Area, the group of egrets, pool herons, night herons and other herons to build nests, inhabit, and reproduce. 2022-05-2310: 40 Since the East China Sea entered the Fuxing period on May 1st, all the Yuhuan fishing vessels entered the port for ship repair, mechanical maintenance, and fishing gear renovation "three repair" to prepare for the fascism in the second half of the year. 2022- 05-2310: On May 22, 2022, the Sea Rice Performance Festival is in Qingdao, Shandong, Ordos, Inner Mongolia, Kashgar, Xinjiang, Xinjiang Kizilukir Kiz Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Second Division, Heilongjiang Tieli, Zhejiang Taizhou Seventh province The ground opened one after another.

2022-05-2310: 33 On May 16, 2022, many world-first-level species and national first-class protection animals-green head ducks were found.

2022-05-1710: On May 13, 2022, the Shandong Yixian County Customs Working Committee and the County Disabled Persons’ Federation jointly organized the first launching ceremony of the 32nd National Disabled Persons Assistance Day and "Love-Chinese Good Man from the China".

The book was published by the China Federation of Literature and Cultural Federation Press, which vividly tells the touching story of the national model of helping disability and disabled, and the Communist Party member Shin Xingfen for decades. 2022-05-1500: 00 In the early summer, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal transportation of coal, stone, steel, wood and other cargo ships shuttled through, and the stream of rivers are not interesting 2022-05-1311: 37 At present, Wen’an County has established a demonstration of the transformation of the human manufacturing industry in Zuozhuang Town There were 19 traditional industrial agglomeration zones such as the district "" Daweihexiang wire and cable production gathering area ", with 693 entry companies, with a settlement rate of 90%.

2022-05-1311: On May 11, 2022, after a rainfall, the Great Wall of Jinshanling County, Pingping County, Chengde City, Hebei Province. 2022-05-1211: 02 May this year is the second publicity month in the country. The Xinjiang Kashie Border Management Detachment Red Qilafu Border Police Station organized police to go to the front-line ranch of the border, and the construction units arrived in the border. Ping Ping Ping Police Propaganda Campaign with the theme of the Civil Code 2022-05-1110: 55 On May 6, 2022, Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, is located in Xiangyang Moon Bay Wetland Park in Xiangyang Hanjiang National Wetland Park. A beautiful ecological scroll.

2022-05-0813: At the end of 224, at the time of preventing and controlling the epidemic prevention and control of Lixin County, Anhui, the volunteers of Lixin Agricultural Bank of China were in the battle. Help residents of the community register a QR code, auxiliary sampling code, and maintain order. In the past few days, it has provided more than 10,000 residents to provide epidemic nucleic acid information collection services.

2022-05-0810: On May 5, 2022, the Great Wall of Jinshanling, Chengde City, Hebei Province. At the beginning of the summer season, the Great Wall Scenic Area of ??the Jinshan Ridge is green, lush and beautiful, and beautiful like a picture.

2022-05-0610: 00.

"China hoeft niet te verontschuldigen aan de geruchten," premier Yasuo Fukuda kritiek op het virus een paar dagen geleden, "aldus Chinese afkomst."

"China hoeft niet te verontschuldigen aan de geruchten," premier Yasuo Fukuda kritiek op het virus een paar dagen geleden, "aldus Chinese afkomst."

[Global Times speciale correspondent in Japan, Yang Jun] Japan’s "Sankei Shimbun" 27 gemeld dat, wanneer een toespraak van de dag voor de Japanse premier Yasuo Fukuda woonden het evenement in Tokyo, kritiek op de zogenaamde "nieuwe kroon virus is ontstaan in China ," de verklaring, en de Liberale Democratische partij van Japan voorgesteld om het defensiebudget dan GDP2% ondervraagd te verhogen.

Fukuda misbruik maken van de nieuwe virus is ontstaan kroon tegen de Verenigde Staten in een toespraak tot de Chinese verklaring zei: "De (Chinese) niet nodig om excuses aan de geruchten" Bijvoorbeeld, zei hij: "In Irak, de Verenigde Staten dat niet deden pleiten voor het bestaan van massavernietigingswapens.

Hoe kan gemakkelijk geloven dat het pleit voor een groot land? "China is tegen Fukuda zal ook een nieuw virus traceerbaarheid politieke vertegenwoordiging kroon begrepen.

Bovendien, Fukuda in zijn toespraak tot de Liberale Democratische Partij om een doorbraak defensiebudget beperkingen kritiek te zoeken.

In het Huis van Afgevaardigden verkiezing, zou de Liberale Democratische Partij "te verhogen haar defensiebegroting meer dan GDP2%" als een campagne conventie. In reactie, Fukuda zei: "als buurlanden zijn de vijand, dan weer niet uit hoe hard ze ook proberen, ze kunnen niet volledig bewaken (Japan) Niet vijanden te maken is noodzakelijk.

"Hij stelde dat Japan nodig heeft om diplomatieke betrekkingen met China, Zuid-Korea, Rusland en Noord-Korea te verbeteren.

Fukuda zei, "er is een relatie van onderlinge afhankelijkheid" tussen de VS en Japan. China en de VS voor militaire conflict, Fukuda dat "niet zal gebeuren.

Bijvoorbeeld, de oorlog in de Straat van Taiwan is onwaarschijnlijk.

"Voor de huidige neergang in Sino-Japanse relaties, Japan Fukuda plaatsen om deel te nemen in de" kwartet security dialoog "als een voorbeeld, zeggen:" Ik weet niet Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken, de minister-president secretaresse hoe te denken, maar de ‘China ringnetten’ Zulke opmerkingen zijn verkeerd. Chinese mensen zouden denken (de Japanse regering initiatieven) ‘schandalig’.

"Hij sprak ook de hoop uit dat Japan en China leiders om te praten van aangezicht tot aangezicht om zo snel mogelijk te bereiken, is het noodzakelijk om een nieuw vertrouwen tussen de twee landen betrekkingen.

Over de kwestie Diaoyu-eilanden, Fukuda zei dat de twee landen moeten uitgaan van de in het algemeen.

Japanse premier Yasuo Fukuda heeft gediend in september 2007 tot september 2008.

Zijn vader Takeo Fukuda heeft als de Japanse premier, vader en zoon diende tijdens zijn ambtstermijn, zijn om een positieve bijdrage aan de Sino-Japanse relaties te maken. In 1978, Takeo Fukuda tijdens zijn ambtstermijn, en Japan ondertekende het "Verdrag van Sino-Japanse Vrede en Vriendschap", in 2008, Yasuo Fukuda tijdens zijn ambtstermijn, en Japan ondertekende de "Sino-Japanse joint verklaring over uitvoerig het bevorderen van strategische en wederzijds voordelige betrekkingen ," de vier politieke documenten het bevat deze twee bestanden.

Voor Yasuo Fukuda positie in de nieuwe kroon virus traceerbaarheid, Sino-Japanse relaties, het idee dat, in het geval van de totale bias stroom conservatieve Japanse samenleving, zijn opmerkingen waren een zeldzame nuchter en rationeel, maar is het moeilijk voor punt van de Japanse overheid gezichtspunten beleid heeft veel van een effect.

Gerelateerde suggestie.

Guangdong’s entry Macau must hold a 7 -day negative certificate of endosic acid

Guangdong’s entry Macau must hold a 7 -day negative certificate of endosic acid

People’s Daily Online, Macau, June 1st (Reporter Fokoki) The new coronary virus infection coordination center (hereinafter referred to as the coordination of coordination) in Macau Special Economic Zone announced today that according to the epidemic situation in the neighboring area, the Macau Health Bureau According to Article 10 of the Law of the Prevention and Control of the Infectious Diseases No. 2/2004, from 00:00 on June 2nd, it will enter Macau by Guangdong Province through the Zhuhai -Macao port or waterway. Essence

The previous regulations were to hold a 72 -hour nucleic acid test negative certificate from Guangdong entering Macau.

The Macau Response Coordination Center emphasized that non -Macau residents who have not held the above proof may be refused to enter Macau, and Macau residents must immediately receive nucleic acid testing. People from Macau to Guangdong maintain a 7 -day requirements for negatives to detect negative certificates. Other immigration prevention requirements are unchanged. The Macau Response Coordination Center stated that the current epidemic situation in various places is severe and complicated, and once again call on all residents, foreign employment and passengers to insist on wearing masks, shampooing hands, and not gathering. Activity.

Those who have not been vaccinated or have not been completed in vaccination will be vaccinated as soon as possible.

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