Zhang Xuntu: Guangyuan Lizhou strengthened economic carrying function to help the northern wing of Chengdu -Chongqing region revitalizing

Zhang Xuntu: Guangyuan Lizhou strengthened economic carrying function to help the northern wing of Chengdu -Chongqing region revitalizing

  Xinhuanet, Chengdu, May 29th (Xiao Yonghang) On May 27, the Twelfth Congress of the Communist Party of China Sichuan Province was held in Chengdu.The conference report proposes to build a socialist modernization Sichuan, lead Sichuan’s high -quality development and promote the continuous development and progress of various undertakings in the new era.Xinhuanet interviewed Zhang Xuntu, the representative of the Sichuan Provincial Party Congress and the secretary of the Lizhou District Party Committee of Guangyuan City and the secretary of the Lizhou District Party Committee of Guangyuan City on how to work on the overall situation of Guangyuan City.

  Xinhuanet: Guangyuan Lizhou District is located in the joint department of Sichuan, Shaanxi -Gansu, and the north gate of Sichuan. How will it use the advantages of the location and strengthen the function of economic carrying and opening the portal?Zhang Xuntu: Lizhou District will consciously take the mission in Sichuan’s modernization construction, and build a strategic highland for the east to north bridge.

Quickly study and implement the spirit of stabilizing the overall market meeting, actively strive for major water conservancy and transportation infrastructure projects such as the Yudong River Reservoir, do everything possible to protect the market entities, do everything possible to maintain employment, and make every effort to stabilize growth and protect people’s livelihood.

  Focus on building a hub channel. Focusing on promoting the construction of strong transportation provinces, the construction of major projects such as Guangyuan International Railway Port, Guangba Railway, and Beijing -Kunming High -Speed ??Reproduction in the construction of a national comprehensive transportation hub in Guangyuan. The construction of the "Four Good Rural Road" has effectively opened up the "great arteries" and unblocked the "microcirculation".

  Focus on gathering strategic resources.

In -depth implementation of the population agglomeration project, continue to expand open cooperation, and gather funds, talents, technology, information and other resource elements with greater efforts and more practical measures to create innovative element agglomeration areas and regional innovative talents. Contribute to the revitalization and development of the northern Economic Zone of Sichuan.

  Focus on optimizing the development environment.

Focus on creating the best business environment in Sichuan, adhere to the "Government -Enterprise Government Weekend Tea Syrodal" system, be a "waiter" who is a good service enterprise "with a good voice and no disturbance", and use the first -class "soft environment" to create a new competitive advantage. ; In -depth promotion of the reform of "decentralization of service", continuously promoting "households", allowing the masses to "run less" and let the service "run more legs". Xinhuanet: The Provincial Party Congress report proposed that "the coordinated development of high -level regions with the Shuangcheng Economic Circle of Chengdu -Chongqing District". Zhang Xuntu: Lizhou is a Shudao pearl with thousands of years of elegant rhymes and rolls. The characteristic cultural tourism resource beads and stars are dotted step by step, step -by -step. We will continue to deepen exchanges and cooperation with the Chengdu -Chongqing region to build the "back garden" of ecological recreation in the Chongqing area.

Vigorously attract tourists inside and outside the province to visit the century -old village of Yueba High Mountain Wetland, go to the water and sea of ??the water in Zilan Lake to enjoy the flowers and enjoy the fun of the water. Lan Qunfeng competing show. At the same time, insist on agricultural promotion travel, Yixing farmers, and in the suburban towns such as Baosun, Longtan, Dashi, Rongshan and other suburban towns and towns with "there are farmers and herds, there are scenery, there are mountains, water, and different characteristics" , Developing flower ornamental, fruit and vegetable picking, agricultural experience and other leisure and agricultural characteristics industries, focus on building a "half -hour suburban tourist circle", and constantly brighten the "Queen’s Hometown Kangyangli Prefecture" of spring, summer, summer picking, autumn picking, and winter. Getting signboard. Fully promote the high -quality development of the three industries.

Focusing on the "Sichuan" agricultural characteristic industries, cultivate and strengthen the series of high -quality agricultural products such as "Lizhou Hongli" and "Longtan Red Pear", promote the innovative development of full -chain such as flowering tourism and fresh fruit picking, and strive to make "Lizhou produced "Agricultural special products moved to all parts of the country, entered millions of households, and gradually formed a vivid situation of corporate competition for brand, industrial competition, and farmers’ income and became rich.

  Focusing on the implementation of strong provincial strategies for manufacturing, vigorously develop the two leading industries of food, beverage, mechanical and electronics, and simultaneously develop strategic emerging industries such as new materials, new energy, new building materials, and digital economy. Three tens of billions of industrial clusters. Accelerate the construction of the "4+5" modern service industry system, transform and improve business districts such as old cities, Dongba, and promote the development of commercial and trade in Nanhe, Chengbei and other areas, implement the "Guangyuan Delicious" catering public brand strategy, and polish the "Guangyuan Housekeeping" brand , Accelerate the construction of e -commerce industrial parks, and strive to build the core area and regional consumer centers and Sichuan -Shaanxi -Gansu materials distribution sites.

  Promote the reform of key areas.

Continue to write two "second half" articles, continue to optimize resource allocation, improve the quality of development, enhance service capabilities, and improve governance efficiency; deepen the reform of rural property rights systems, standardize the development of rural collective economy, and effectively empower the rural revitalization momentum. Essence

  Xinhuanet: Lizhou is located in the upper reaches of the Jialing River. What specific measures are there in helping the construction of beautiful Sichuan? Zhang Xuntu: We will consciously promote the strength of common prosperity and build a high -quality harmonious and livable city.

Promote the integration of urban and rural areas with high quality.

Carefully do the planning and compilation of township -level and village -level areas to optimize the layout of urban and rural integration and development space; adhere to planning as an outline, planning leadership, strengthen the implementation of planning implementation, ensure that a planning tube to the end, and promote the development of urban and rural integration and high -quality development. Promote new types of urbanization with human -artistic core, consolidate the results of expanding poverty alleviation, and resolutely keep the bottom line of poverty -stricken back to poverty. Comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural industries, talents, culture, ecology, and organization, and continue to promote the construction of "beautiful Sichuan · livable countryside".

Vigorously implement urban renewal operations, and do a good job in the reconstruction of shantytowns, old communities and "small communities". Promote ecological protection. The defense operations of deep blue sky, blue water, and pure land ensure that the ecological environment will only be better and will not deteriorate. It always walks in the "first square" of the provinces and counties. Comprehensively implement the long -term system of river and lake, grasp the 10 -year ban on the Yangtze River, strengthen the governance of the basin, build an ecological barrier in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, and ensure that "one river clear water out of profit". Refined promotion of urban and rural governance. Adhere to the leadership of party building as the core, give play to the role of strong base, the protection of the rule of law, the education of moral rule, and the support of the wisdom, and vigorously implement the "improvement of the quality of the city’s environmental quality, the expansion of red property, the help and control of the people in the urban difficulties, and the prevention and control of social security risks. Top ten actions ", do a good job of party building in the province to lead the pilot work of rural governance.

  Multiple measures to promote cultural construction.

Focusing on the strategy of strong culture in the new era, keeping positive innovation and focusing on ideological work, comprehensively strengthened the management of online and offline positions, singing the main melody and promoting positive energy. At the same time, the cultural resources such as the Three Kingdoms culture, the Queen’s culture, the red culture, and the folk culture were excavated, promoted the spirit of earthquake relief, and accelerated the construction of a regional cultural highland for the Sichuan -Shaanxi -Gansu Joint Department, and actively strived to create a national civilized city.

[Editor in charge: Li Tingyu].