Zhongqing Net Review: Writing Wonderful Huazhang with your youth

Zhongqing Net Review: Writing Wonderful Huazhang with your youth

  The "Department of Network theme" in the Middle School of the Central News Network Office, the Ministry of Education, the Communist Party of China, held in the main land of the motherland in the motherland ", was held in Beijing University on June 18. The event is "writing youth Huazhang in the land of the motherland" as the theme, actively guiding the vast number of youth to undertake historical mission, firmly advancement, standing up, Ming Dague, become a big talent, and This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. For more than 100 years, our party has always adhered to the Chinese people’s happiness. Epic; for a hundred years, with the understanding of the law of the Communist Party, the law of socialist construction, the law of human social development, the Chinese Communist Party has opened up new realm of socialism with socialism with Chinese characteristics, and socialism with Chinese characteristics The world-famous achievements provide strong support for the construction of the thinking and government.

  In the context of a new media, the thinking and political classes are more needed and windy, and the moisturizers are silent.

After 95, Sichuan Youth took the welding project world champion, netizens cheered; "Chang’e No.4" became a young idol, was regarded by netizens as "youth good example" … new media communication form, let all walks of life The youth example has made more familiarity, and they painted new era with young people.

On the Internet, a fresh and vivid communication form, driving the entire society singing the main melody, spread positive energy, guiding and inspiring more young people, this is not the "big thoughts"? The role model is in front of the trip to the struggle.

Youth generation, living in a relatively superior condition, but should read well, firmly lofty ideals, belief, and let younon dream freely. Belief, belief, confidence, all time is important.

Youth is firmly faithful, the courage is in front, the country has power, the nation has hope.

At present, it is more necessary to cherish the rare opportunities given by the era. Li Hong Yi Zhi, do the struggle, to learn the truth, practice the true skills, deduct the first table of life, diligent, morality, distinguish, always keep youth , Young and less, acting as a big, and socialist builders and successors. Youth is the most sensitive barometer of the symbolic era, and youth’s historical mission has never been close to the theme of the times.

In our party’s glorious history, there is no gain of youth’s wisdom and contributions. After the new era, many "post-80s" "90" and then "00 after", with loyalty and adhere to the initial heart, let your youth and belief.

From the frontier guard of the motherland, the first line of resulted in the countryside; be busy in the workshop, beat the keyboard in the office building, based on the job position, dedication in the youth journey, although the position is different, but the goal of the struggle is always the same. Today’s Chinese youth is a sturdy, full of majestic. Youth is the future of the country and the future of the world. As long as you are willing to pay sweat and wisdom, as long as you are unswerving, you will bloom unique brilliance, grow as the leader of the times.

The bloody Chinese youth has a great historical mission, and the high song is fierce, and it will make the dream to grow, so that you want to compete.

Youth length is calculated, the youth value is measured, and the same song with the vast mountains and rivers, and the Chinese youth of the Qianfang Weiye, the Chinese youth of Zhengfanghua will not bear the China’s China! (Li Qun).