Wen travel integration helps traditional drama better inheritance

Wen travel integration helps traditional drama better inheritance

  Players appeared in the tourist scenic spot interpretation of the classic bridge, tourists placed the mountains and water and the courtyards of the fresh and living experience; a song, Yu Yun 袅袅Cheers … In recent years, the opera actors have created a new attempt in the tourist attraction to build a resident performance brand to become a new attempt to attract more audiences. Can the traffic of the tourist scenic spot bring a fire traditional drama? How do traditional dramas that grasp innovative scale when they are in line with a tourism market? In the face of the new trend of cultural integration development, these issues are constantly taking the opera workers. New ways of cultivating or opera protection have become unavoidable in the style of social changes, and the art of the drama art. The relevant departments have shown that the Chinese local opera drama census was released at the end of 2017, as of August 31, 2015, there were 348 drama dramas in China; in more than 30 years, 24 dramatics were died, and 17 dramas were not completely demise.

  Zhu Fu, Vice President of Yunnan Province, said that the famous family of young people said that the Beijing Opera House has not had many opportunities, although the fare of each performance is only tens of dollars, but truly willing to buy tickets into the audience of theater寥, "must adopt innovative means to cultivate the audience groups of the opera." In 2018, Yunnan Province Beijing Theater and Yunnan Youlu Culture Communication Co., Ltd. began new attempts. " The two jointly built the Qunqu "Peony Pavilion" Performance Project, and it is located in Kunming Travel Card – the ancient house near the old street. Up to now, the repertoire has been staged 39 games. Compared with Kunqu, Peking Opera, Guangxi’s laureal film is slightly smudged. However, the Guilin Drama Creative Research Institute created "Guilin" performance project in 2017 in the small theater in the four rivers Sihu Scenic Spots. In more than an hour, it is concentrated to the audience to show "stick out of the box", "Human Peach Blossom", etc. The most exciting fragment in the classic repertoire of the laurel drama. The drama has played more than 200 games in 2019. Zhao Xiaoyu, general manager of Yunnan Youlu Culture Communication Co., Ltd., said that there are many gardens in the country, and the garden scenic spots are in cooperation with drama groups. "This exploration may become a new way to protect drama culture.

"Scenic traffic with fire traditional drama reporter Recently, in Kunqu’s" Peony Pavilion ", I saw that hundreds of seats on the two floors of the Kunming Majia Court sat almost full of audience, called good voice, and applauding.

  "Compared to the ordinary theater, the Majia University is located in Kunming’s live-intensive tourism commercial street, and the antique buildings in the Scenic Spots are also complement with the" Peony Pavilion ". These are almost venues. Exempted important reason.

"Zhao Xiaohu said. Zheng Siqi Zheng Siqi in 2019 did not intend to discover the performance poster of" Peony Pavilion "when I visited the old street in Kunming, and now she has seen a whole 4 times.

"As long as there is relatives and friends to visit Kunming, I will take them to see it, they haven’t seen the play before, but they will be attracted to the beauty of the drama.

"Many people don’t like drama because they have no chance to go to the theater, and they will provide them with the first and drama opportunities in the scenic spot. "Zhou Qiang, deputy dean of Guilin Drama Creative Research Institute, said." Many viewers like "Guilin and show" in the scenic spot, I like to go to the laureal opera, and then go to the performance of our other repertoires. "In the tourist scenic spot, the performance of the station, not only let the visitors have the opportunity to appreciate the traditional drama, but the frequent performances will also give more stage experience to participate in the performances.

  "In the past, our young actors did not see a few big dramas a year, and" Guilin has a play "almost around Zhou.

Liu Shujuan, the captain of the Guilin Drama Creation Research Institute, said that many young actors who participated in the performance gradually learned to play their play, and the status on the stage is also more relaxed.

  It is necessary to grasp the tours of the tourism market with the travel market, and many traditional drama drama are moved to the stage.

However, many groups have boldly deleted traditional plants in order to attract tourists in the scenic spot, and even more trend elements such as singing, street dances into traditional drama. How to grasp the innovative scale when you are in line with a tourism market? The opera workers who have tasted the integration of the development of the Sweets have their own thinking.

  In order to adapt to the aesthetic rhythm of modern people and the actual time schedule of tourists, the Kunming "Mudan Pavilion" staged in the Kunming Majia Court has made a sharp change in the whole basis, and the fifty-fifth return is reduced to the garden. Dream, soul, picking up painting, quiet, returning to six times, control the performance time within 2 hours.

  "Although we have shortened the performance time in order to actually need, the storyline is still complete, the most classic singing section is also retained, every action of our actor, eyes have been carefully polished.

Zhu Fu said.

  "We don’t have the market, you can’t be kidnapped by the market.

Zhou Qiang said that "Guilin has a play" does not use exaggerated modern sound and electrical effect to attract tourists, but still adhere to the true color, let the audience experience the beauty of China’s opera. Guilin City Incomplete Cultural Heritage Protection Inheritance Center Non-Leg Minister Liu Hui said: "The tourism market has brought opportunities to the development of the opera, but this is the" double-edged sword ", and the opera actor should still stick to their aesthetics, and grasp the scale of market innovation. "Where the source is" Economic Reference News "or" Economic Reference Network ", digital media products, the copyrights, the copyright is the economic reference newspaper, and may not be authorized by the Economic Reference Newspaper. Basten, played in any form.