Wang Zhonglin: Advanture to support Dongfeng high-quality development accelerated to create trillion automobile industrial clusters

Wang Zhonglin: Advanture to support Dongfeng high-quality development accelerated to create trillion automobile industrial clusters

  On the afternoon of October 25, the deputy secretary of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee, the governor Wang Zhonglin to Dongfeng Automobile Company to investigate the production and operation, scientific and technological innovation and key project construction, coordinate the difficulties and problems faced, and support Dongfeng company accelerate development, leading our province High quality development in the industry.

  In Dongfeng Business Cars Technology Center, Wang Zhonglin took a look at the automotive road simulation laboratory, environmental simulation laboratory, visiting the vehicle and power assembly product display, listening to the relevant situation, the significant effectiveness of enterprise science and technology innovation is fully affirmed. He said that Dongfeng Company is not only a leading enterprise in Hubei industrial development, but also the leading enterprise of science and technology innovation, which has played an important role in accelerating innovation and driving development in our province. In the survey, Yang Qing, chairman of Dongfeng Motor Company, general manager Yang Qing introduced the relevant situation of business operations, provincial direct departments, Wuhan and Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone to support Dongfeng Company better development. Wang Zhonglin expressed its sincere gratitude to Dongfeng Company contribute to the economic and social development of Hubei.

He said that this year, Dongfeng Company has carried forward the style of fighting, the top pressure, the gram is hard, and the production and operation is stable, and the province has continued to grow rapidly, providing strong support for Hubei. "Dongfeng company has developed, and Hubei industries can be good.

You must go all out to support the development of Dongfeng. "Wang Zhonglin emphasizes that all relevant places and departments must be a good service enterprise" shop small second ", and go all out to pull the car consumption, and effectively do a good job in encouraging the implementation of automobile consumption policies, and expand sales scale, promote multi-sales, and Go to support enterprises to list, improve policies and measures to support new energy vehicles, speed up infrastructure construction such as electricity exchange, charging; go all out to help enterprises to stabilize production, support enterprises, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., to release production capacity as much as possible; Going to the company’s solving problems, promptly promote the problem of component logistics transportation, idle production capacity treatment, and help Dongfeng Company to create better results. Wang Zhonglin said that Dongfeng Company has grown fast, Hubei industrial growth is more different.

I hope that Dongfeng Company is banned, increasing resource distribution and production organization, and fully realizes stable growth; surrounding automotive chips, "card neck" problem, increase research and development and innovation, continuously enhanced the industrial chain supply chain independent controllable ability of our province Increase new energy, intelligent network cars, etc.

  Zhen Yanfeng thanked the provincial party committee, the provincial government’s support for the development of Dongfeng Motors. He said that Dongfeng Company will further strengthen resource coordination, optimize product structure, increase internal digging efforts, maximize production and sales, and strive to achieve a constant goal of the whole year, and make a positive contribution to Hubei. Deputy Governor Cao Guangjing, Wuhan Mayor’s Telecommunications Talks. (Yang Nianming) (Editor: Guan Xiyan, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see client downloads.